LedMall Full Spectrum LED Plant Growing light, blue, red for Hydropoic Green House organic plants E26 12W (Green)

$ 19.99 $ 29.99

  • *Efficient: 100% of the power input for our LED grow lights be used for your plants chlorophyll production. * Better for environment: it saves 60% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. * Less heat: Low heated LED bulbs will protect your plants well. * Less trouble: No ballast to burn out like other plant lights * No infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation to destroy your plants * Easy to install and use, plugging into the electric outlet directly
  • * No maintenance costs and long lifetime,Use only 12 watts - Low power consumption,* Emits the exact spectrum required for photosynthesis
  • * Full spectrum LED bulbs work well during whole stages of plants` life cycle * Lights can be set as close to the plant as needed without any fear of plants damage. * Designed to give off little to no heat, runs cool without thermal footprint * Fits in any standard light socket * Promotes fast & vigorous growth and blooming * These growing lights bulbs are perfect for indoor growing * Environmentally friendly - no mercury * No expensive bulbs to replace
  • * Lifespan over 50, 000 hours * Full light with 1 year manufacturer`s warranty
  • *LED Spot covers 4 square feet using just 12 Watts of power. This compact bulb is extremely versatile and easy to set up, fitting any standard E26/27 light socket. LED spot use the latest LED technology to provide the optimal light spectrum blend for both growth and flowering. Features a customized mix of Red and Blue high output one-watt 42mil Epistar LED chips on a single array for the perfectly blended spectrum.
  • * Each LED Quantity: 12pcs 1 watt * Power Consumption: 12 Watt * Wavelength - Blue 430nm - 480nm & Red 620nm - 660nm * Voltage: AC85 - 265V * Frequency: 50 - 60Hz * Operating Temperature: - 5F ~ 120F 1 year warranty from LEDMALL, LEDMALL grow light works in any conditions for grow all kinds of organic plants for indoor gardening, hydroponics plants, it can grow all types of flowers, all types of vegetables and fruits, it is great for indoor plants lovers with limited space, you can use single or multiple depending on your space and plants. it is also great for seed breeding of all kinds by boosting plants and vegetable germinating.

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