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LEDMALL White Laser Christmas Lights with Snow fall motion effects is here!

LEDMALL White Laser Snow Fall version


The Snow Fall version is here, check it out!


The world’s first White Laser Christmas Lights, years of design and optimization, using LEDMALL patented advanced optics to achieve the pure white laser Christmas star effects, our technology of can achieve the natures full spectrum all 7 colors, dominate White, red, green, blue, teal, pink, yellow.

WHITE LASER CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, with Years of Design and optimization, the first Semiconductor WHITE LASER Christmas and Decorative lights, with motion and star effects, and huge coverage.

Pure Semiconductor WHITE LASER LIGHTS using LEDMALL advanced Optical Systems and precise power ratio control to form nature’s 7 colors including pure white, Full Spectrum all natures 7 colors with dominant White Laser formed by pure semiconductor Red, Green and Blue laser in proper ratios through advanced optics, to form star shape pinpoints.

7 nature’s colors including white, pink, teal, blue, green, red, yellow, optimized for Outdoor Holiday decorative lights, Decorative Outdoor Lighting Projectors, full spectrum colors, and with speed control, also with flash or static of your choice.

Remote control, with motion and timer, with indoor Base stage and outdoor stake extension, With Timer setting 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours durations, moving controls and speed control.

Waterproof IP 65: IP65, PLUG and Play with long power cord with good range flexibility, FDA approved Class II, or class 2 laser.




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