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The world's first White Laser Christmas Lights, and Decorative Lighting projector on HuffingtonPost October 24, 2017 22:16



White Laser Christmas and Decorative Lights

10/09/2017 06:20 am ET Updated Oct 15, 2017

The world’s first White Laser Christmas Lights, years of design and optimization, using LEDMALL patented advanced optics to achieve the pure white laser Christmas star effects, our technology of can achieve the natures full spectrum all 7 colors, dominate White, red, green, blue, teal, pink, yellow.

WHITE LASER CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, with Years of Design and optimization, the first Semiconductor WHITE LASER Christmas and Decorative lights, with motion and star effects, and huge coverage.

Pure Semiconductor WHITE LASER LIGHTS using LEDMALL advanced Optical Systems and precise power ratio control to form nature’s 7 colors including pure white, Full Spectrum all natures 7 colors with dominant White Laser formed by pure semiconductor Red, Green and Blue laser in proper ratios through advanced optics, to form star shape pinpoints.

7 nature’s colors including white, pink, teal, blue, green, red, yellow, optimized for Outdoor Holiday decorative lights, Decorative Outdoor Lighting Projectors, full spectrum colors, and with speed control, also with flash or static of your choice.

Remote control, with motion and timer, with indoor Base stage and outdoor stake extension, With Timer setting 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours durations, moving controls and speed control.

Waterproof IP 65: IP65, PLUG and Play with long power cord with good range flexibility, FDA approved Class II, or class 2 laser.

LEDMALL White Laser is reported on October 16, 2017 10:26

The LEDMALL Ultimate Laser Christmas Lights, 3 Themes in 1, 18 motion patterns, all year long decoration, instant amazing lighting show September 23, 2017 18:57

no more string and strips, or ladders, this is the ultimate model for your all year long decorations, great outdoor decoration lighting for lawn, house, and special events. just stake and plug in to create a year round magic, it is cutting edge laser and holographic technologies projects thousands of pinpoints of light on your home or garden with green, red and blue in between or single or combinations, and with moving options and speed control, covers over 2500 square feet instantly. replaces multiple standard landscape lights and hundreds of feet of rope lighting. uses just fraction of the energy or incandescent landscape light. in moments, you can create the most amazing light show on your block.

3 event themes with remote control options for each, with 6 patterns each theme catering for all year round occasions and events, regular events, Halloween, and Christmas, and more, easy switch of button moving firefly lasers, decorations, party lighting, event lights, garden lights, DJ lighting, Disco lighting, Remote Control, with moving, firefly effects, moving patterns continuously, speed control options, thousands of Green, Red and Blue Light PinPoints



The world's first White Laser Christmas and Decorative Lights is here order now August 25, 2017 09:32

After years of design test, and optimization, our patent pending pure semiconductor white laser lights is here, it took engineering years of optimizing power modules and optics to achieve full spectrum WHITE Laser lights, and achieve the star effects for decorative applications, it is finally here, 

order yours now 

White Laser Christmas Lights


The world's first White Laser Christmas Lights is here and coming soon! July 10, 2017 13:00 4 Comments

Our team have been working on this for a few years, it is finally here, US Patent pending, stay tuned ....

email us to reserve yours today, expecting to deliver in August!

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We are Laser Experts, leader in Laser Christmas Lights

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Forget the old Christmas Lights. Fire Lasers at Your House Instead September 22, 2016 18:03 1 Comment

Forget Christmas Lights. Fire Lasers at Your House Instead



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 This is some of our award winning Christmas and Decoration lighting Designs, all lights went through vigorous testings, and all FDA approved. 

Basic Laser components: 



Vigorous Testing: 

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