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InGear AutoXcape Emergency Car mount LED Flashlights Multiple Tool with Glass Breaker and Safety Belt Cutter

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  • Award Winning Design, using Mil Standard Aluminum alloy
  • Features including, double window breakers, one on the cap, one inside
  • Mil Standard Safebelt cutter
  • Industry leading high brightness LED high power flash lights with SOS mode
  • Great Gift option, with InGear in your car, you will have Peace of Mind !
  • Featuring military-grade aluminum with IPX7 waterproofness, autoXscape is a serious emergency multi-tool that can help you survive, in three steps: (1) Slash: cut through the jammed seatbelt with the integrated cutter blade made of hard high-carbon steel. (2) Bash: break the side window using either one of the two steel window punches. A much more reliable solution than spring-loaded alternatives that may fail to load in a life or death situation. (3) Flash: signal for help with the high-powered flashlight that includes an SOS mode. In addition, it comes with a mount to secure it anywhere in your vehicle for easy access. autoXscape is a must-have multi-tool for anyone with a car.
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