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The Very Best Laser Lights, Your Instant Lighting Show

LEDMALL Laser Decorative Lights, Your Instant Lighting Show!

We are the pioneer and technology leader who bringing this cutting edge laser technology for general application purposes. we are a dedicated team of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs, established since 2012, we strive to build the best laser lights for all your decoration needs! 

We build the very best laser lights!

LEDMALL Laser Lights Projector, the best in the industry, your Instant lighting show

  • Plug and Play, Your Instant Lighting Show!

    no more string and ladders, just stake and plug in to create a year round magic, the new cutting edge laser technology is your instant lighting show

  • Like a Magic Show

    cutting edge holographic and laser lighting technologies create thousands of pinpoints, motion patterns, firefly, holiday themes, and more

  • Remote control and Timer Settings

    Remote control and ease of using, with timer setting on remote, once set, automatically turn on and off all season long.

Buy LedMAll® Motion Snow Fall Full Spectrum Star Effects 7 color WHITE Laser Christmas Lights, and Decorative Lights with Remote control

$ 169.99

$ 189.00

Tax included.
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Motion RGB 18 Patterns in 1, with Holiday Themes

Buy Motion Pattern 3 models in 1 Continuous 18 Patterns LEDMALL RGB Outdoor Laser Garden and Christmas Lights

$ 149.99

$ 159.99

Tax included.
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Motion RGB Firefly and 8 Patterns in 1

Buy Motion 8 Patterns in 1 LEDMALL RGB Outdoor Garden Laser Christmas Lights with RF remote control and Security Lock

$ 129.99

$ 139.99

Tax included.
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Motion Firefly RGB Laser Lights

Buy New Design Moving Firefly LEDMALL RGB Outdoor Garden Laser Christmas Lights

$ 119.99

$ 129.99

Tax included.
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